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“The changes I have since we began was that I feel more controllable with my life, I feel better, I am not getting constant headaches and stomach aches, and I just feel revived.” ~ Cassie

“It’s such a privilege to know all the awesome stuff I learned this year with Project Million. Hopefully one day America will become a healthier environment.”

Project_Million_Excitement_Childrens_Health“I hope Project Million moves on to changing the country’s and people’s ideas about what to eat, and what you shouldn’t.” ~ Lena

“Since Project Million my family has changed the way we eat and more importantly the way we look at what we eat. For example we have changed our choices in food and we go to the gym twice a week. After Project Million I will continue to do stuff that helps me and not hurts me. I will do so because this generation is the new way to change our bad habits and be better. During this program I have learned plenty of skills and concepts to help me be happier and healthier. For example I have learned to read food labels. Funny enough every time I am at the grocery store I automatically check the labels. It comes naturally. In the future I want to use this new knowledge I have to be a role model to eat and be healthy. I want to change the world in the way that Americans today eat. “ ~ Keila


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