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~ Positively impact the health and happiness of one million children through health and emotional education ~



At Project Million, we focus on the "why" first, and on the "how" second. Generally speaking, most people know how to be healthy. It is rather finding the commitment and motivation to change that becomes the primary obstacle. We have developed a method that makes it extremely easy and exciting/fun to make changes in our health and our life. Yes, the process is much much easier with children, but the same concepts apply to everyone.

What We Are:

Project Million aims to be the premier source for health education throughout America. If you want to receive health education where do you go? Most end up picking up the first health book they see and believe that this book has all of their answers. Very few books fit this criteria. More often than not, these books simply explain a short term diet, and not a strategic long term plan. Another option to learn about health could be to enroll in a course at the nearest college. At a college it can be pricey, you have to dedicate a large amount of time, and you will learn a lot of information that is entirely irrelevant to your eating habits. For example, very few people will find benefit in learning about the chemical composition of a carbohydrate, or the biological process of digesting protein. These courses are designed for future healthcare practitioners, not a practical guide on creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. 

We aim to provide education that is well-priced, convenient, and most importantly, effective.

At this point in time we are beginning our mission with children. A child is actually more likely to change the health of their family than the other way around. If you or someone you love has a child, send the parents a copy of “I Do It For Me.” You can also work directly with us to bring the full Project Million Program to your child's school.

Our History (In Depth):

Matthew_Landen_Project_MillionMatthew Landen: “When I was going through school I hit that point where I needed to make a decision on what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I asked myself, 'if I could be, do, or have anything I wanted then what would it be?' The main question that came to mind was, 'how can I make the greatest impact in this world?' I knew of the challenges children were facing in regards to their health, I could see how poor the health was for America as a whole, and I see how our health is bankrupting individuals, families, and the country. I realized that if we could empower a child to make the correct decision today, then it could offset many of the future challenges associated with poor health. I also realized that children have a natural drive to be the best they can be which makes it easier to get children excited about making the right choice. When they make a decision they often stick with it! 

In the early months of 2008 I began working tirelessly on the creation of what is now Project Million. Half the time I would be reading a book on health and half the time I would be reading a book on the psychology of a child. I would regularly meet with natural doctors, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, teachers, and companies to discuss how we could make the greatest impact in the lives of these children. From the accumulated data we were able to create a curriculum that is second to none. Above all, we have discovered exactly what it takes to get children excited about making the right choice in their life.

Since 2008 Project Million has been modified time and time again to maximize its impact. We have worked with hundreds of children, and we have learned even more in the process. We have molded the program to a point where we see improvements in virtually every child we meet. Many children will even reach a point where they gain complete control over everything they put into their body. We've also shown that children are encouraging their families to begin making these positive changes along side them.


Taking_Back_Control_Cover_Project_MillionAfter years of fine tuning, we finally received the opportunity to go into the public school system where we could work with hundreds of children at a time. Our workbook is entitled, "Taking Back Control." It's designed to give children control over what they eat and make their own statistics rather than following trends.

At the schools is where we began to see miracles take place. We could literally see the changes in the children and what they ate as the semester progressed on. Cutting out soda, eating less dessert, and eating healthier foods soon became the norm within the classroom. Even during Halloween many students were still refusing to eat candy.

At the end of the semester we were actually seeing kids whose grades improved, whose confidence skyrocketed and who were finally confident enough to begin making new friends for the first time in their life. We were even able to witness students overcoming illnesses that they had been suffering with for years.

The results had made every second and every dollar put into the program more than worth it. We now had irrefutable proof that this program works and we have the potential to truly change the lives of 1 million children.

We refuse to settle with the current trends in America's health. We refuse to accept that 80% of children will become overweight or obese. We refuse to allow 1 in every 3 children to develop diabetes. As we teach the children, we will write our own rules for the future! We control our health; our health doesn't control us.

Today we have partnered with companies, communities, governments, schools, and major sports teams to come together for a common purpose. At the end of the day, we want to give every child in America the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life that they deserve. 

Please contact us for details on how you can get involved or with questions on which approach would best fit a child in your life!

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