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Dr. Robin Terranella: Coauthor of our school workbooks & a Naturopathic Medical Doctor at Southwest Integrative Medicine

Dr. Robin Terranella - Southwest Integrative Medicine

Consultation or Medical Needs

If you or your child are seeking a more personalized approach or are in need of medical assistance, please contact our medical department, led by Dr. Robin Terranella. Remember, in addition to common health ailments, they can also help you reach a higher level of health regardless of your current state (why treat when you can prevent). They can also help you establish healthy habits in a way that is easy for you and for your family?

Being a co-author of our in-school workbook, Dr. Robin Terranella and his clinic at Southwest Integrative Medicine have played a monumental role in bringing Project Million to where it is today. Dr. Terranella helped show us where most adults continue to struggle with in regards to their health and health literacy. If we can fill these intellectual gaps during childhood then we can prevent the future health challenges that may arise. Dr. Terranella is also an expert in helping individuals transition towards a healthier lifestyle in a way that fits their needs. We have utilized some of these approaches when working with children as well. By slowly transitioning health habits over a semester a child never feels burdened. In addition, after a full semester a child also has enough time to actually formulate new habits that will continue long after the course is over.
Bio: Dr. Robin Terranella
With more than seven years of his practice, Dr. Terranella he has helped thousands of patients overcome numerous types of medical conditions. While formally trained as a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist, Dr. Terranella was also able to gain extensive knowledge of conventional medicine as a medical director for a drug and alcohol treatment center. With this experience Dr. Terranella is now able to offer his patients the best in both Eastern and Western Medicines.

Working with addiction also opened his awareness to the compulsive nature that many patients experience when trying to make diet and lifestyle changes. Addiction to food and the development of poor habits are often the primary obstacle people face in developing a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Terranella enjoys finding new ways to teach about and interrupt the cycle of addiction to allow clients to take back control of their life.
Dr. Robin Terranella & Dr. Christy Cline - Southwest Integrative MedicineIf you or your child have an ailment, or simply want to learn how to improve your overall well-being, then the doctors at Southwest Integrative Medicine can help. Dr. Robin Terranella and Dr. Christy Cline truly care about their patients and will take the time to assure that you overcome the challenges you are facing. They can help simplify health in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to follow. Together these doctors can help with Diabetes management, pain management, weight management, hormone balancing, and on and on.

If you would like to inquire about your specific situation or that of your child, feel free to contact...

Dr. Robin Terranella at:
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Phone:(480) 451-5407

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