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Impact: The impact of Project Million is derived from those children who have completed the entire 17 lesson curriculum.

  • 92% of children see some type of improvement
  • 87% could identify 5 or more names for sugar
  • 80% could properly calculate calories using a nutrition label
  • 93% of students said they now have confidence in controlling their health
  • 58% of students cut their intake of sugary drinks.
  • 15% Cut out soda entirely
  • 63% of children reported an increase in confidence
  • 57% reported an increase in their overall happiness
  • 76% reported they now exercise more often
  • 12% report that they can think clearer in the classroom.
  • 48% reported to have helped their entire family eat better.

From our research, Project Million is the first program to provide actual statistics on improvements. Other programs base their data off of the number of students they reach. Quantity means nothing if there are no improvements in the students. While we are deeply interested in quantity, we are primarily focused on having the greatest impact on every single child we come into contact with.

We not only collect data to show our program works, but we also keep statistics in order to show us how we can make the program even more effective. We will continue to empower children who can become leaders and change the health and happiness of those around them (The will-power of a child is contagious!)

Ultimately, we hope to far exceed our goal of reaching One Million children. We believe that every child should have at least the opportunity to live a healthy life.

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