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I Do It For Me: A parent's guide into the mind of a child.

Learn how a child sees and understands both food and health. Become a guide when it comes to your child's health to allow for willingful participation by your child. By following the simple steps in the book, your child will say "I Do It For Me" when it comes to their health. - Their own choices, their own improvements, and their own dedication. Your job is simple and your child is now on path to a lifetime of good health. 

Free Download - Chapter 5 - I Do It For Me - by Author Matthew Landen"If you don't eat all of your vegetables than you don't get dessert."

From this simple statement you're virtually telling your child that vegetables are so gross that you must reward them for eating it. You're also showing them dessert is so good that it can be used as a reward.

You must learn how children perceive health and consciously become a positive influence in what your child consumes. You can't expect great results from a child who is fueling their body with bad food. Don't worry, we will show you how easy this can be!

  • I Do It For Me will teach any parent how avoid fighting and frustration when it comes to the dinner table. Your child will soon have the mentality of "I Do It For Me."
  • Learn how to shop healthy while spending less than you do today.
  • After five years of research and working directly with children, we have identified the latest breakthroughs in how a child perceives food and health. Learn how to use them to your advantage!
  • You will learn why your child does NOT like healthy food and how you can change that.
  • Learn step-by-step how to raise a child who will be healthy for life.

There is nothing else that can change your child's future more than helping them live a healthy life today. There is no easier way to make that happen than through the simple guidelines written in this book.

Make life easier on yourself, raise a child who enjoys being healthy, and
give your child the greatest chance of success in all areas of life!




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