Sprouts Farmers Market
Sprouts Farmers Market

What’s one of the easiest ways to begin a healthier diet?
Shop at a health food store – They do most of the hard work for you.

Sprouts Farmers MarketSprouts has given us an opportunity that no other person or company could have provided. They have made healthy foods even more affordable for every child and their family in the Project Million program. Sprouts is a health food store with incredible prices for incredible food. In terms of produce, their value is second to none. You will receive the best quality products for a price that your family can afford. You will find foods that are made with natural ingredients, and foods free of almost all harmful chemicals and toxins that can hurt the health and intelligence of a child.
  • Any family that wants to better their health WILL see drastic improvements by simply changing the location in which they shop for groceries.
    • To learn more about the benefit of changing where you shop for groceries, please refer to our book ‘I Do It For Me.’ You will also learn how to shop for health foods in a way that actually saves you money compared to what you're already buying. 
  • If you have a certain dietary restriction then Sprouts has already done all of that work for you as well. If it’s GMO free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, or Vegan, then Sprouts will already have it labeled for you.

Sprouts Farmers MarketOn top of sponsoring a large portion of our in-class workbooks, Sprouts is also giving every family whose child is in Project Million 5% off everything in the store and 15% off all supplements! These families receive this benefit throughout the entire semester.
Sprouts also provides us with the opportunity to bring fresh produce into the classroom. In class, the children have interactive lessons where they actually get to work hands on with the food in a way that's both fun, and educational.
Without this contribution then Our program may have never been possible! We couldn’t thank this company enough for everything they have done? 
Help us by supporting a company who supports the health of our children!

Click Here to find a Sprouts Farmers Market near you.

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